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Cross limits... logistic service provider

Cross Limits Logistics is a young, innovative and 100% neutral logistic provider whom is specialized in transport of your goods in containers by rail, water and/or road through entire Europe and the GOS countries. With our wide knowledge and experience within these modalities we offer you a wide scale of services and possibilities in which SERVICE is the Keyword cause on of our highest standards is Service.

We will stand beside you with our knowledge and expertise and advise you with the best possibilities which are possible for the transportation of your goods. Your wishes, conditions and demands are of course most important and will always come first. By using Cross Limits Logistics B.V. for the transportation of your goods in containers you can trust its in capable hands. We are also able to arrange transport of your conventional cargo via rail, barge and/or road.

If you are looking for the most efficient, logistic solution for the transport of your goods Cross Limits Logistics B.V. is your answer.

Multimodal Solutions



Sea going



As part of the transportation concept, Cross Limits Logistics B.V. takes care of all related administrative tasks, reducing all client’s time-consuming paperwork.

The information and communication process is based on a powerful computer system. By this system, Cross Limits Logistics B.V is able to constantly monitor the transport process and to immediately supply adequate information.

If desired, individual data transfers to a client’s computer system can be fully customized by Cross Limits Logistics B.V, transmitting all information to customers for in-house purposes.


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our additional services

Customs brokerage

Cross-Limits offers tailor-made solutions for all customs activities, geared for specific market segments and company sizes. We can help your organization to process customs formalities both within and outside the European community, or even at your premises. This department is a separate organization within our group, which ensures a 100% neutral position of this in-house specialist. Furthermore it also explains why the client portfolio of this department consists out of Exporters, Importers, Forwarders, Trucking companies, Inland terminals and Shipping lines.

Supply chain

Lean supply chain management should be considered by businesses who want to streamline their processes by eliminating waste and non-value added activities. Companies have a number of areas in their supply chain where waste can be identified as time, costs or inventory. We at Cross-Limits understand the importance of delivering on our promises. Through constant monitoring of internal and external work-flows we provide visibility and management control of the complete end to end supply chain.

Member of D&R group